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 Atlantic Radio Station

Interwiew with our CEO Giovanni Santos

by Atlantic Radio Station

Interview with our CEO Giovanny Santos about the arrival in Colombia of the non-invasive ventilators DPAP for the treatment of respiratory complications due to the Covid-19 infection and the successful cases presented in Spain, Italy, France and the United States, where due to their use in the initial phase of the disease they prevented the entrance of the patients to the ICU preserving their lives and maintaining the hospital capacity for the attention of high risk patients.

Radio Santafé

Article on the need to strengthen the installed capacity of health care institutions with non-invasive mechanical ventilators that provide respiratory support to patients with complications due to Covid-19 infection. According to the epidemiological figures of Doctors without Borders, about 80% of those infected with Covid-19 will feel mild or moderate symptoms and will not need to be hospitalized. Of these, 15% will suffer from the disease in a serious way and will require hospital services, of which 5% will evolve into a serious condition and will need ICU services.