We are a company committed to the welfare of the population; it is in our DNA to bring the best to Colombian homes, that is why we want to contribute to the municipalities, families and people with economic difficulties by delivering groceries packages, medical and industrial biosafety product kits and inputs that protect life. In this time of preventive quarantine against the coronavirus, we unite as an organization bringing high quality products for the protection of health, allowing that with our donations many families can work and survive the pandemic.


Between March, April and May 2020 we have donated:

Managrú Chocó

through the Fundación Soluciones de Vida, protective equipment for doctors and nurses at the Centro de Salud Divino Niño in the Municipality of San Pablo in Managrú Chocó. In addition, a non-invasive ventilator DPAP 30PRO.

La Calera – Cundinamarca

5,000 Nasobuccal protection masks and 300 groceries packages to the community of La Calera, Cundinamarca.